Why did you move to Texas?
I wanted a warm place to live where I could find a job. I'm originally from Pennsylvania but have been living in California for the last few years. Texas is cheap, friendly, and prosperous. Plus barbecue.

Are you liberal or conservative?
I try to be open to the best solution of government that helps the most amount of people. Texas, like California, often is seen as extreme in government policies. I try to understand how those policies came to be and how they affect the residents. 

What part of Texas are you living in?
Currently in Austin, Texas.

How do you collect data?
Mostly through informal interviews and direct observation. I like to get a sense of why a person thinks what they do, and how living in Texas affects those views. Many Texans love to talk about their personal beliefs and their state. I also rely heavily on current news and blogs.

Why should I move to/visit Texas?
There are jobs, kind people, affordable housing, amazing art and culture, beautiful scenery, delicious food.

Why shouldn't I move to/visit Texas?
Xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, failing schools, environmental degradation, and infringement of civil liberties are problems some inhabitants of the state face.

What is your day job?
I'm an English as a Second Language teacher, which puts me in a unique position to also witness how someone completely foreign (not just Non-Texan Americans) experiences Texas culture.