Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rains Bring Texas Some Relief, But Not Enough

It rained a lot this week, which has been great for our seriously parched state. A half-year of this week's weather — a near impossibility — could be enough to just barely take us out of the current drought, said Bob Rose, the chief meteorologist for the Lower Colorado River Authority. Not to mention what it would do to morale. Ugh.

The Austin-American Statesman reports, "While the recent rain hasn't replenished lakes and other waterways, Central Texas has benefited from unusually high amounts of rainfall amid a dry La Niña weather pattern. Pastures have begun to green, and burn zones have started sprouting plant life, avoiding dangerous erosion of the loose soil. However, the rain is nowhere near what meteorologists have said it would take to get Central Texas out of a drought: a handful of heavy, 4- to 5-inch rains."

So though your front yard looks the best its been all year, Lake Travis is still on the seriously low side. Keep on praying, or whatever.

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