Monday, October 10, 2011

Texas A&M, Rick Perry's Alma Mater, Filled With Mean-Spirited Conservatives

Though I'm sure many students at Texas A&M are bright, promising, kind people, they need to admonish their inherently privileged classmates who are at school to learn analytical thinking but are completely mising the point.

Texas Aggie Conservatives, a student organization at Texas A&M University, has started a petition requesting that the governor immediately call a special legislative session to end in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants attending Texas' public colleges and universities and criticizes Perry for allowing taxpayer dollars to support illegal immigrants.

“It is outrageous that Texas A&M, because of Gov. Perry, is awarding those who violated the law with in-state tuition and financial aid,” said Steven Schroeder, chairman of the Texas Aggie Conservatives. “The Texas government, especially in these troubling economic times, should not be subsidizing the higher education of adults who cannot legally work in the United States."

Conservatives still don't get it. If you are six years old and brought by your parents here from Mexico, put into public school because it's free (and decent), learned the language because you were submersed in it, and adhered to the laws henceforth, you are not an willful illegal immigrant who broke any rules. You are a victim of your parents choices, and Mexico is no longer home. Child-illlegals grow up unwillingly as Americans and had no decision in law-breaking matters. Why would we punish them? Send them back to a country they've never known, a language that might not be their first? These are kids we are talking about. 18 year olds - did they just jump over the border on their 18th birthday, quickly fill out a college application and start school? They've been here for years, and their legal issues are actually their parents. Why do conservatives continue to punish people who struggle to make life easier or better? Isn't that the elitist notion of all? Is it simply impossible to empathize with someone whose opportunities are so lacking that they have to break international law in order to make life just a little bit better?

Texas Aggie Conservatives, do yourself a favor: GO READ A BOOK.

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