Monday, September 12, 2011

Texas Christian University Students Not Acting Very Christian

Three sexual-assaults have been reported in 9 days at Texas Christian University (and the semester just started!).

From the Star Telegram:
On Aug. 18, campus police received a report that a female student was sexually assaulted in a residence hall by someone she knew. Campus police received another report Aug. 22 of an attempted sexual assault, also by an acquaintance, that apparently occurred in a residence hall. On Aug. 26, Fort Worth police notified TCU police of a sexual assault several blocks south of the campus. The reported victim appeared to know the attacker in that case, too.

The period from the start of the semester through Thanksgiving break is sometimes called the "red zone," explained Melissa Lucchesi, outreach education coordinator for Security On Campus Inc. That time often has a higher incidence of crimes, she said. "It's the first time students are away from home," said Lucchesi, adding that students are living in a new setting and socializing. Sometimes, they experiment with alcohol or drugs.

 "I am a concerned parent," the mother of a TCU student wrote to the Star-Telegram. She asked not to be identified. "My concerns are that the school is out of control. There is too much on campus drinking and partying."
Excuse, me who are these Christian students and parents who think that being away from home and experimenting with drugs or alcohol is license to rape? Maybe it's the extensive sexual-crimes history at the school?

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