Saturday, July 16, 2011

GQ Criticizes Every City In America, Austin Makes List

Austin is ranked #18 on GQ's 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America list.

Scenes from SXSW 2010.

"The place looks like L.A. now," my old UT roommate grumbled after returning from a recent weekend trip to Austin. While he could have been referring to the newly minted high-rise condos, sushi bars, or deadlock traffic, I'm pretty sure he was talking about that most pernicious of invasive species, the Hipster. Long the domain of slackers, hippies, and blonde coeds—"The weather was too good, the dope was too cheap, and the girls were too pretty," Steve Earle once said of the Texas capital, "and there was no fucking way I was going to get anything done in a place like that"—Austin has emerged as a mumblecore mecca for coastal hipsters looking to get more bang from their day-job barista buck. Skin-tight black jeans and There Will Be Blood mustaches thrive despite the 100-degree temperatures. As one old-timer put it, "They're all hat, no cattle."—Stayton Bonner, GQ

Austin style is much more trendy then Dallas and Houston, whose money affords them more labels but less creativity. The rocker influence and youthfulness of the town also drive many styles, including feathers in the hair, flannel, and neon. Lace that with some cowboy influence and add 100 degree heat and you've got Austin's style code.

GQ didn't seem to like any city's style, most places were either too eccentric or too boring for them, ranking diverse cities such Los Angeles, Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and New Orleans in the top 20. You just can't hold up to GQ's standards, America, and I hope you all can live with that. Now go put on what GQ mandates "style": suits for men, bikinis for women.

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