Sunday, June 26, 2011

DMV Votes on Confederate Flag License Plate Commemorating Violence, Racism, Terror, and Texans Who Fought in the Civil War

From The Houston Chronicle:

A local division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is just one vote away from gaining approval of a Texas specialty license plate bearing its logo, which prominently features the Confederate flag. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle license board voted on the group's request in April, but it was a tie vote. One of the nine members was absent, so the board decided to reconsider the request at its next meeting June 9.The meeting, however, didn't take place because a board member from Houston died June 3.

Now, the Sons of Confederate Veterans must wait until Gov. Rick Perry appoints a new board member, and that might not happen until fall, said DMV spokeswoman Kim Sue Lia Perkes.

Why do people keep trying to bring back the Confederate Flag? Why should we honor our relatives who had shitty ideas? Do you suppose that there are grandsons of Nazi's who claim that their ancestors need a commemorative license plate, but can't understand why people could be offended? The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a nonprofit that "preserves and honors the history and legacy of Confederate soldiers. Formed in 1896, it is the oldest hereditary organization for male descendants of Confederate soldiers", according to its website. They argue that the flag is a "symbol of heritage." Why are you so proud of a heritage that stood to uphold racist ideas, enslave half the population, and ultimately, LOSE?

"We don't know how to answer when someone is offended," said Ray James, the immediate past commander of the Texas division of SCV. "It's really frustrating. The flag has been tarred with a brush of racism. We're trying our best to honor Confederate soldiers. This knee-jerk reaction against all things Confederate is not right. They think because the flag was misused in the past that we don't have a right to display it today, and it's not right."

It is not that you don't have a right to display it, just as you have the right to be a completely insensitive idiot. It is that the Department of Motor Vehicles, an extension of the state and federal government, should know better than to validate a racist symbol and honor a war based on the idea of succession from such governmental bodies (which fund DMVs) as to establish, by law, a caste society based on the idea that one skin color is inferior to another. Truly, one can't imagine why the reaction is so knee-jerk.

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