Friday, May 13, 2011

More Bizarre Texas-Influenced Marketing Schemes

Opi Nail Polish recently came out with a new line called Texas Collection for Opi. They feature shade names like "It's Totally Fort Worth It", "Houston We Have A Purple", and "San Tan-tonio". Opi's website claims, "Get ready for modern American style as Opi comes "home" to the USA with the Texas Collection. A fresh and refreshing facet to an effortlessly chic, very unique, and colorful original style season."

What these colors have in common with Texas, besides their pun-ish names, I have no idea. In searching their website, I could find no reason for the Texan pride or namesake. But I'll be damned if it isn't working - I keep reading about "Texas colors" on fashion blogs. Most of the reviewers seem to love these colors because "I'M A PROUD TEXAN!"

Nothing says Texas like Big Hair, Big Nails, I suppose. I'm going to start wrapping my garbage in a Texas state flag and try to sell it on Etsy.

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