Friday, May 20, 2011

Austin Still Awesome Place To Live

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Austin, Texas, drew the largest numbers of young Americans from 2007 through 2009, according to the New York Times. For good reason. The region’s unemployment rate fell to 6.5 percent this month, down from 6.8 percent in March and 6.9 percent in April 2010. BAM! Austin area employers added 14,100 jobs from April 2010 to last month, a 1.8 percent increase, the Texas Workforce Commission reported Friday. That compares to the nationwide average of 8.8%. The government workers of Texas weren't faring so well. Government agencies, higher education and public school districts added just 100 jobs over the 12-month period, a 0.1 percent increase - and that's in the state capitol. Yikes.

So why is Austin doing so well? It's no surprise that young people are coming to Austin, via a burgeoning music scene amidst sprawling universities and liberal attitudes. With low taxes and cost of living, a huge service industry, and a DIY entrepreneurial attitude, it comes as little surprise. The NYTimes analysis of migration also showed people ages 25 to 34 were the most mobile and the more lucrative cities were "those that had remained economically vibrant, like Dallas, and those that were considered hip destinations, like Austin and Seattle, the demographer, William H. Frey, found."

Didja here that, Austinites!? The New York Times just called y'all a fucking hipster. Hide your yarn bombings and bicycle co-ops and go blog about it. I'm going to keep unemployment low by selling bathtub gin and opening a vegan food trailer.

The Vegan Yacht

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