Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cowboy Monkey Makes Monkey's Uncle Of Me

"Whiplash is an old time cowboy. He was just born 100 years to late. When you see him ride, it is not hard to envision him leading a wagon train west – keeping the herd in line as they cross the prairie. He really enjoys feeling the leather of his custom-made saddle and experiencing the wind in his face and the sun in his eyes as he maneuvers his trusty steed over the mounds of grassland and through the rushes or in an exhibition arena under the watchful eyes of thousands of adoring fans. In the tradition of Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger, he is at home in the saddle. He has the pride, attitude and style found among those pioneers of the old west. If you listen closely you may hear him give his trusty ride a piece of his mind if the maneuvering response falls short of what he expects of a well mannered steed. It’s a fun thing for the gallant rider. If you watch closely, you can easily see the smile on his face."

This shit is bananas.

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