Monday, April 18, 2011

Cowboy Politician Brands Republican's Bills

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer made national news this week due to his sideshow cowboy antics: he applies red-hot branding irons that read "VETO" to bills he deems "unconstitutional or in direct contrast with the will of the people, by initiative, for God's sake," Schweitzer said. "I'm for more jobs, more freedom and more wealth creation in Montana. If they're sending us bills that infringe on any of those, I can't support them."

Montana Republicans ignored his earlier warning that he would veto those bills he deemed frivolous or that don't create jobs. Schweitzer, a Democrat, is currently facing a GOP-controlled Legislature. but the Governor hasn't about shy branding bills. Since taking office in 2005, Schweitzer has vetoed 60 bills outright and made 85 amendatory vetoes.

Among the bills he vetoed this week:

  • a bill ending same-day voter registration
  • another aimed at weakening parts of his "Clean and Green" energy initiative
  • an attempt to place state eminent domain authority over federal land
  • a bill aimed at repealing of the state's medical marijuana law
  • the Republican-backed ban against insurance companies from covering abortion procedures

He also promises to reject bill that would allow the expansion of cyanide gold mining operations, a plan that was originally curtailed by voters in an initiative - twice! "Frivolous, unconstitutional and just ba-a-a-d ideas," he said. And all with cowboy swag, natch. Texans, are you paying attention? If you continually demand that governors be beer-drinking, horse-riding, redneck-sounding, salt-of-the-earth types, at least vote one into office who won't curtail your rights!

Republicans are not amused. But why? I thought they loved cowboy politicians: here, here, and of course, here.

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