Friday, March 18, 2011

Music + Weather + Fun + Free + Awesome = SXSW

The Strokes are definitely one of the bigger name bands to play at South By SouthWest this year, along with Bright Eyes, Wu-Tang Clan, Duran Duran and Queens of the Stone Age. Last night they performed a free show to an elated crowd out in the park. If free music, warm weather, performances by the lake, and encouraged sing-a-longs don't convince you that this truly is the coolest music festival of the year, well then keep on sipping the Haterade; see you at the mud pits of Boonaroo or the scorching desert heat of Coachella.

Here are the Strokes performing "Last Night" for their encore last night on the Auditorium Shores on Town Lake. Plus fireworks for the kids.

Sorry for the sparse posting these past few days, but its a crazy, crazy week. Hopefully Bill Murray will show up again this year to help out.

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