Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texas Weather Crazier Than Texans

There is a tizzy going on in Texas, and it is called the weather. Apparently, Texans have little to no resourcefulness when it comes to dealing with the randomness of their winter cold (it was 75 degrees on Monday) and cannot be trusted to moderate their own energy consumption. In their greed for warmth and comfort, Texans' generated-power must in turn be regulated by the energy companies. Can't you just hear them yelling at you to put on a sweater?!

For instance, yesterday in Austin, with a high of 31 degrees and a low of about 18 with 20mph winds, Austin Energy instituted city-wide rolling blackouts in order to equalize access to their sweet, sweeeeeet heat. Apparently the entire city runs on electric heat, and the blackouts ensured that everyone had access to power for at least some time during the day, rather than one section of the city losing power for an indeterminate amount of time (at my house, we lost power for 40 minutes every hour, for about 12 hours). The rolling, regulated power-outages made traffic lights obsolete and buildings uninhabitable, and officials encouraged residents to stay home.

In an early morning press release, the the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has said that "we have more power plants online today with capacity to serve the energy needs that were not available yesterday," meaning that schools and businesses won't have to take another "No-Snow Day" due to cold, unlit buildings.

I find this logic to be genius: it's too damn cold, everybody just stay home and sleep. They're calling for snow tomorrow but it'll be sunny and in the high 60s by the weekend. Polarized state, indeed.

Now go put this on.

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