Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good Love

This Valentine's Day, consider the love you have for your community!

A message from Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association: Austin Independent School District is considering closing Becker Elementary due to under-enrollment. Why it is important to keep Becker Elementary School open? Closing a school most parents and students walk or bike to does not support the city goals of creating vibrant, non-auto-dependent central neighborhoods. There is a tremendous amount of development in the city center and this neighborhood in particular, and closing Becker without careful consideration of the impact on the neighborhood and the city as a whole is short-sighted. This 70 year old neighborhood school provides a close-knit learning environment that is crucial to students’ social development and academic success. Closing this school does not serve the students and will change the feel of the neighborhood. AISD should keep Becker open to allow time for the community and the district to explore alternatives for increasing enrollment.

What you can do to help save this historic neighborhood school:

1) Call AISD Board of Trustees to ask them to keep Becker Elementary School open – this is a very effective approach and worth your time.
AISD Board of Trustees: email:, AISD office: 414-1704
Cheryl Bradley, 472-9554 Doyle Valdez, 502-1007 Mark Williams, 371-9338
Rudy Montoya Jr., 916-8921 Ave Wahrmund, 467-8554 Robert Schneider, 619-3973
John J. Fitzpatrick, 694-2153 Johna Edwards, 837-5488 Patricia Whiteside, 442-7637

2) Sign the petition to request more time to consider Becker Elementary’s future. Contact Lorie Barzano (, 447-5577

3) Pack the house at the next two AISD Board of Trustees meetings: March 20, Monday, 6 p.m. and March 27, Monday, 7 p.m. AISD auditorium, 1111 West 6th Street.

For more detailed information, see the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association website:

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