Friday, January 14, 2011

What Do Texans Wear?

Since I've moved to Texas, I've gotten a lot of questions about the style here, the number one being, "Does everyone dress like cowboys?" While the answer is of course, no (though you certainly do see the look a lot), the influence of Western style is certainly prevalent in the wardrobes of the locals. Mixed up with classic and modern pieces, Texan style looks relaxed, comfortable, unique, and definitely fashionable.

Living in Texas, there are some quintessential items you need to add to your wardrobe in order to achieve typical Texan style: boots, denim, turquoise, bright colors, and fringe.


What's great about Texas wardrobes is that often light, delicate, feminine items get mixed into play with chunky, tough, masculine items, giving them casual appeal and an effortless look.

From what I've seen, these are a few of Texan's favorite things:

Mexican clothing: the detail of this exquisite hand-craftsmanship is amazing, colorful, and fun, great for the pool or a party.

Throw a leather jacket over a traditional Mexican embroidered tunic or pair with boots, bright tights, or belts for a more trendy look.
Asian Full Length Embroidered Skirt, Vintage Purple Frye Boots, Thrifted Leather Biker Jacket, Fringe Shirt Dress Aa

Jewelry: lots of simple, chunky, silver jewelry, often set with desert stones. Wood bangles. Religious talismans. Men and women wear big rings. Cuff links on men are standard for everyday wear. The same goes for brooches on women.


Hats: the sun is so strong here that people wear all sorts of hats, all the time. The cowboy hat is standard, but all sorts are fashionable here in Texas. Just like everything else here, the bigger the better. I'm more partial to the Indian Jones style, personally.

Other burgeoning/ongoing trends:

Facial hair on men

Short hair with flashy headbands:

High, messy hair buns with flowers

Belts: thin or thick, with or without a chunky buckle, often weaved

Light, flowing dresses:

Leather and suede skirts: often tailored or pencil

Striped engineer denim:

Vests: for boys and girls

more often than not it's real in Texas

Any other insights or tips from Texans are much appreciated. Leave it in the comments!


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