Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ass' Night Out

From the Herald Sun:

"Two men charged with driving while intoxicated had their charges dropped after police arrested them for riding a horse and mule down a crowded street in downtown Austin, Texas. Jose Rios, 33, and Samuel Olivo Jr, 48, were caught riding a horse and mule on a busy city street. The two were coaxing passers-by to take pictures and pet their horse and mule. Police said the two were impeding traffic and could have caused an accident. Officers conducted a field sobriety test on the two and then charged them with driving while intoxicated.

Those charges were later dropped for both Mr Rios and Mr Olvio because the legal definition of a motor vehicle in relation to DWI charges is too vague, but Mr Rios was charged with public intoxication. Officers had to transfer the horse and mule to a nearby animal centre until they could get better accommodation at Elgin animal hospital, about 42km from Austin."

Just a typical Friday night in Texas.

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