Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Slice Of Thin-Crust Charity

This weekend was Austin's 5th Annual Pizza Carnival, hosted by Homeslice Pizza. It was delicious and wholesome. The nice thing about Austin is there is always an option to booze at family affairs. In Texas, minors are allowed to consume alcohol as long as its in direct supervision of their parents, so I suppose this makes sense (these people love their freedom). There were a variety of events besides drinking including but not limited to eating, watching people shovel food into their mouth as fast as they could, tossing dough in the air, a pizza box folding race, holding onto a hoagie for as long as possible (I didn't understand that event), drawing mustaches on children's faces (because, duh, that totally screams "pizza") and a couple of bands and performance acts played. Lots of singing "That's Amore." All the proceeds benefited Habit Young Professionals, a division of Habitat For Humanity. From the HYP blog:

"Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) is Austin’s most engaged, active young professionals organization, offering area professionals the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to Austin Habitat’s vision. Over 60,000 working Austin families live in substandard, overcrowded, cost-burdensome housing. Each year, the financial and volunteer commitment of HYP members results in a safe, affordable home for one of those families. Homes are built with volunteer labor and community funding, and sold to home buyers with zero-interest mortgage loans. Each home buyer participates in financial education programs and contributes approximately 400 hours of "sweat equity". . . offering a hand up, not a hand out."

I will eat pizza for most causes (or none at all), but I'm glad this particular one was so altruistic. The Habitat For Humanity group ran the booths, set up events, worked their magic on stage, and all for a charity. It was wonderful to see such pro-pizza unity in these dark times of partisan bickering. It was a lovely day.

Until The Pizza Monsters attacked:

New band name? CHECK.

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