Friday, August 13, 2010

Austin Waitresses Will Not Stand For Dine-and-Dashers

According to The Statesman, a group of seven people ate at Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant here in Austin last Thursday night. Five left the restaurant leaving two men to handle the bill. The waitress noticed the men running out on their check and chased them out into the parking lot; when she slammed her hands on the trunk of their car, they backed up to knock her down. Over Mexican food, people. Over a lousy bill for Mexican food.

Apparently, in anticipation of their dine and dashing, the men had put a paper bag over their license plate, which the waitress ripped off (after being hit by a car!), memorized, and reported to the police. A Mr. Austin McClure Bounds, 25, has been charged with aggravated assault and identified in a police lineup.

Let's all try to remember that regardless of how long you have to wait for your Diet Coke to be refilled, service industry workers have a very tough job. At $2.13 an hour, servers and bartenders depend on their tips more than their wages. Servers are often held responsible for unpaid checks, which are docked from their personal paychecks.

And personally, after meeting a few, I would not fuck with waitresses in Texas. These ladies wear spurs.

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