Monday, July 12, 2010

California Emigration

After making a list of the positive qualities of our beloved state, we left with heavy hearts. What would we be leaving behind? Quality produce, open-mindedness, spectacular wilderness, healthy lifestyles, free healthcare, diversity. California, our golden state.

But also one that is going broke, sinking into the sea. Texas offered opportunity, the pull factor behind all major waves of immigration. We looked forward to making it our home.

We were aware that Texas has a reputation for being a bit...Texan. We were excited and ready to try something new, live outside our comfortable blue liberal bubble.

Texans were a bit more wary of us than we expected.

After a few scowls at our out-of-state IDs, we questioned the locals.

"What's up with the California prejudice?"

Many responded with the same answer: Californians in recent years have been flocking to Texas, mainly Austin, for the same reasons we were: warm weather, beautiful scenery, a bull economy. The Texas housing market is far cheaper than that of California, and many of these Californians were buying up housing and driving up the property costs, taking jobs, and generally saturating the population with their California-ness. Texans, with their strong cultural heritage, were in a huff about it.

Now, for most of the people I talked to about this, I tried to later find out their views on immigration and gentrification, generally. Most spoke of Mexicans, of open-mindedness and equality for all. Immigrants enrich culture, economy, and society, etc etc.

So why so xenophobic about Californians?

Must be all the sodomy and the weed. Perhaps they fear the Governator? The Governator smoking weed!?!?!

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